Close cooperation makes the difference

R&D Partner

The most exciting and constructive product development is often done in cooperation with the customer. Therefore ELAS A/S attaches importance to listening to the customers and to give the challenge which at the end can give the customers the best results.


Often our cooperation ends up with a new developed product which can differentiate our customers’ products from the large supply. It is rare that we, due to technical reasons and capabilities, have to reject an inquiry.


Please contact us on phone.: +4597121322 if you wish to develop products in cooperation with us.

Case: ANKY A/S

About ANKY A/S

ANKY A/S is a family owned company producing high quality underwear in natural and environmentally friendly materials.

It is important to ANKY A/S to deliver high quality goods both in terms of materials and the fit and they wish to provide the best service to their customers. Therefore it is also important to have a good cooperation with the suppliers.

About the cooperation

The two generation companies ANKY A/S and ELAS A/S have worked together for more than 40 years. ELAS A/S mainly supplies laces and jacquard elastic which ANKY A/S uses in their products.

ELAS A/S has some standard articles which ANKY A/S uses where possible. But if changes in for example colours are needed ELAS A/S also assists with this.

Quote from ANKY A/S

“The best thing about ELAS is their high quality and good customer service. If we are having a special custom made order delivered the employees at ELAS are always flexible and easy working with. We have a good relationship with ELAS and there is no doubt that they are good at what they do.”

Morten Bertelsen, CEO, ANKY A/S