Flexibility with elasticity

Welcome at Elas – Your expert within tailormade solutions in elastic and non-elastic ribbons and tapes. We braid, weave and knit.
We do dyeing, rotational printing, cutting and sewing. We deliver components and finished products that suit your exact needs.

Elas is your perfect innovation partner

Did you know, that Elas is here to assist your company in innovation and development of new products? Together we develop new products, components and finished products combining all our technologhies available.

Make Your brand stonger

We cooperating with Elas, we play an active role in making Your brand stronger. We inspire, develop prototypes and produce quality solutions, that matches your market.  We take your brand serious.

Cooperate with a specialist

No matter whether you need elasic, non-elastic components or finished goods, we have the knowledge which we willingly share with You. Let our experience be Your advantage.


We cooporate closely with medical device companies, supplying and developing new medical devices.

For the industry, we produce a broad spectre of technical bands, flame retardand, anti-static, cables for the HIFI sector and many more



We have the experience, machines and technologies, to produce elastic and un-elastic bands and tapes to suit your specific needs.




Elas can inspire with the broad collection of elastic and non-elastic ribbons and tapes. You can expect a fast expediton of samples and prototypes from our extensive stock of raw materials.


Elas in numbers

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Expect more

Quality is in every detail at Elas, because we know, it is important to You. With Elas as Your partner, our knowledge becomes Your advantage.

98% on time delivery

67 years of experience

0.1% claim rate


ELAS A/S’ factory and head office are situated in Herning. Here the running meters of woven, crocheted, and braided elastic, laces and rigid tapes are developed and produced.


The subsidiary SIA ELAS Baltic is situated in Latvia. Here we process the running meters further. It will typically be sewing, ultrasonic welding, and packing operations.

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