Over 25 years of dedicated development

Quality Assurance

ELAS A/S produces ribbon and elastic of a high quality and it is important for us that we keep our agreements. Therefore we can offer various certificates which ensure that our products meet the required standards.


We offer Oekotex certificate on selected products. Products covered by our certificate are produced of Oekotex approved yarns and materials.


We use the ERP system Dynamics AX2012 which ensures that we can execute paperless production. We also have the possibility to offer batch management of the products and to document full traceability back to the delivered raw materials.


COA – Certificate of Analysis

With a COA – Certificate of Analysis we can document conducted analyses of our products so they correspond to our customers’ specific demands.

COC – Certificate of Conformity

With a COC – Certificate of Conformity we guarantee that we have taken random samples from our production and we commit as a supplier to keep the customers’ specifications.

ELAS quality

ELAS DK and ELAS Baltic


ELAS A/S’ head office with production and administration, warehouse, purchasing and sales is situated in Herning.

At ELAS A/S we have knowledge and experience and therefore ribbon and elastic in meters are produced here in Denmark. It is also here that we carry out the finishing processes such as continuous dyeing and silicone coating.

The location of the head office in Denmark ensures that we are not getting in logistic difficulties when we are to provide a good service and cooperation with companies in developing products.


Our subsidiary SIA ELAS Baltic is situated in Latvia. Here much of the work, where the running meters are further processed to finished products, takes place.

It is a strength that we have a division in Latvia where we carry out the wage intensive work processes so we can be competitive and at the same time offer a good service to our customers.