About Elas

ELAS A/S is an experienced supplier and developer of elastic and rigid tapes. We are situated in Herning where we have a complete assembly of machinery covering all production phases from braiding, weaving, and crocheting to continuous dyeing, rotation printing, and packing.

From previously having produced narrow elastic ribbon in meters for the textile section we are today developing a wider range of products together with our customers. They are from various sections, e.g. the medico sector, the textile sector, and technical industries. At ELAS A/S we are in other words producing exactly what, each customer needs.

We are a customer-oriented company which with specialized knowledge and flexibility like to provide the best service for our customers.

Elas’ history.


We will in cooperation with our customers, both existing and new, contribute to a positive development of their business areas.

We will prioritize innovation, design, quality as well as pricing parameters and be the preferred supplier of:
braided, woven and crocheted “narrow” ribbons (elastic as well as rigid tapes).


We will emerge as a quality conscious and serious business partner with great expertise in product development and production/delivery of quality products.

We will be a stable workplace for all our employees both in Denmark and abroad.


Our history


Elastikfabrikken ELAS was founded by Erik Boll.

The production of elastic on braiding machines begins.


The production of elastic and ribbon on looms begins.


The production of elastic and laces on crochet knitting machines begins.


I/S Elastikfabriken ELAS is established as company form. A generational change from Erik Boll and the son Poul Boll begins.


Elastikfabrikken ELAS buys up A/S Arwill’s braiding production.



Poul Boll takes over as CEO in Elastikfabrikken ELAS and the company form is changed to A/S.

Elastikfabrikken ELAS expands the production with the first jacquard loom so logos can be woven in.


Elastikfabrikken ELAS moves from Thrigesvej 18 in Herning to 6.000 m2 large premises on Industrivej Nord 1 Herning and is having all production gathered in one building.



The first continuous dyeing facility for dyeing of elastic and ribbons is implemented in the production.



Elastikfabrikken ELAS is certified with ISO 9001 and maintain the certificate up to 2004.


Elastikfabrikken ELAS buys up Dansk Båndvæveri in Herlev which produces shoe laces. The company is moved to Herning.


Elastikfabrikken ELAS can offer silicone coating on elastic and ribbon from newly purchased silicone facility.


ELAS A/S is founded and a generational change is initiated.


Buying of O. Foss Fabrikker A/S in Odense. The company is moved from Odense to Herning.


Anders Boll takes over as CEO in ELAS A/S as 3. Generation and the brothers Mads and Anders Boll are the main shareholders.


ELAS A/S buys up NICOM Textiles ApS and the production of seamless products on Santoni machines is moved to Herning.

ELAS A/S expands the factory with 1000 m2 modern high bay warehouse and production premises.


ELAS A/S updates ERP system from Axapta 2.5 to the newest version Dynamics AX2012.


The subsidiary SIA ELAS Baltic is established in Jelgava Latvia.


New build warehouse of 800 m2 is opened.


We have many years of experience delivering goods to various sectors and developing new products in cooperation with our customers.

We draw on this experience in the daily work so we can deliver the best quality and service to the customers.

We have a sound knowledge of our many products and we can use that knowledge sparring with you and advising you if you have ideas for new products which we develop together.


A successful project is when we have developed a product which fulfils our customers requirements and with which the customers are satisfied. We are very focused on performing a proper job.

Furthermore we are a company which keeps our agreements and provides a good service to our customers. We therefore also have a high degree of delivery reliability.


When ELAS first was founded the main customer group was the textile section and the production was ribbon and elastic in meters. As the market changed we kept up with development and established techniques so that we today can manufacture products based on our narrow elastic and rigid tapes just according to our customers’ requirements.

We often enter into cooperation with our customers about developing new products for the market.


Our location both in Denmark and Latvia make us competitive as well on quality, price, delivery, and service. We deliver samples and products quickly and we can develop new products in close cooperation with you.

98% on time delivery

67 years of experience

0.1% claim rate


ELAS A/S’ factory and head office are situated in Herning. Here the running meters of woven, crocheted, and braided elastic, laces and rigid tapes are developed and produced.


The subsidiary SIA ELAS Baltic is situated in Latvia. Here we process the running meters further. It will typically be sewing, ultrasonic welding, and packing operations.

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